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4.5 cu. ft. VRT




Price : $1,254.00


Error Code
(Diagnostic Code
Error Image)


Corrective Action



An unbalanced load that prevents your washer from spinning.

Redistribute the load, press the Start/ Pause button.



The door is open when the washer is running.
Close the door tightly and restart the cycle. If the code reappears, call customer service.



Your washer failed to lock the door.
Make sure the door is firmly closed. Press the Power button to turn off your washer, then turn it on again.
If the code reappears, call customer service.



A water temperature control problem.

Call customer service.



Your washer has tried to fill, but has

Call customer service.



The door will not unlock.
Make sure the door is firmly closed. Press the Power button to turn off your washer, then turn it on again.
If the code reappears, call customer service.



Your washer is not draining. This can also mean that the unit senses a small clog while draining.
1. Turn off the unit for 10 seconds and then turn it on again.
2. Select the Spin Only cycle.
3. Press the Start/Pause to drain the
If it still does not drain, call for service.



Your washer has tried to fill but was unsuccessful.
Make sure the water faucets are open all the way. Check for bent hoses. Check the inlet screens on the hoses. If you are using a Flood Safety Device,
please remove the device and connect the water hoses directly to the unit. Check if the hot water supply hose is connected.
You must connect the hot water supply hose because hot water is supplied by the Auto Temperature Control (A.T.C.) function if the temperature of the cold water is lower than 59°F.

Samsung WF455ARGSGR: 4.5 cu. ft. VRT 

Price : $1,254.00 

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key features of your new

1. Large Capacity
Even bulky garments and blankets get super clean. Samsung’s large capacity washer
provides the room clothes need for a more thorough, cleaner wash.
2. AquaJet™
AquaJet™ washes loads gently and more thoroughly than conventional top loaders.
Sprayed water allows detergent to distribute evenly and penetrate fabrics faster and deeper.
AquaJet™ delivers improved cleanliness and advanced fabric care.
3. DD Motor
The power to handle anything! Our direct-drive inverter motor delivers power right to the
washer tub from a variable speed, reversible motor. The beltless direct-drive motor generates
a higher spin speed for more effective, quiet operation. The washer also has fewer moving
parts, meaning fewer repairs.
4. Mist Shower
A separate nozzle sprays water equally throughout the tub so that the rinse cycle is effective
even with a small amount of water.
5. VRT® (Vibration Reduction Technology)
This Samsung washer performs smoothly at top spin speeds, minimizing noise and vibration.
6. Eco Plus
If you select this option, the water temperature is set to slightly lower than during the normal
wash course to save energy.
7. Pure Cycle™ (Tub Cleaning Cycle)
Clean your drum with one button! Pure Cycle is specially designed to remove detergent
residue and dirt bulidup in the tub, without the need for special chemical detergents.
8. My Cycle
This is a convenient function that enables you to save a frequently-used wash course. Once
this is set, you can do a wash simply by pressing the Power, My Cycle, and Start buttons in
9. Smart Care
Samsung’s Smart Care, an automatic error-monitoring system, detects and diagnoses
problems at an early stage and provides quick and easy solutions.
10. Sanitize (WA50F9A8D*)
When you select the NSF certifi ed Sanitize cycle, the water heats to an extra high
temperature and removes 99.9% of certain bacteria typically found on clothing, bedding, or
towels. This certifi cation is awarded by NSF International, an independent third-party testing
and certifi cation organization.
Please check the garment care label to avoid garment damage. Only sanitizing cycles have
been designed to meet the requirements of this protocol for sanitization efficacy.

Price : $1,048.99 

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 1. Extra Large Capacity
  Ultra drying capabilities are at your fingertips! Now you can dry extra-large loads. Our ultra - large 7.4cu.ft capacity dryers circulate more air through your clothes, drying them faster, for a wrinkle-free result.

2. Steam Cycle

This cycle sprays a small amount of water into the dryer drum after several minutes of tumbling with heat. It reduces bad odors from clothing that are difficult to remove when washing with water, and also reduces wrinkles.

3. Sanitize Cycle

This cycle sanitizes garments by infusing high temperature heat deep into the fabric during the drying cycle and eliminating 99.9% of certain bacteria.Use this cycle for clothing, bedding, towels, or other items needing sanitization. The Sanitize cycle is certified by NSF International, an independent third-party testing and certification organization.

4. Various Drying Cycles & Fuzzy Logic Algorithm

Simply turn the Jog Dial to select one of the 15(DV50F9A7E(G)*,DV50F9A8E(G)),

13(DV50F9A6E(G)*) automatic drying cycles, including normal, heavy duty, and bedding, or let the Fuzzy Logic Control measure the degree of dampness and automatically set the drying time. Precision drying has never been easier than with Samsung.

5. Vent Sensor

Your Samsung dryer is equipped with a Vent Sensor which detects and notifies you when it is time to clean the ducts. Keep your dryer safe and efficient!

6. Time Saving

Our cycles are designed with you in mind. All our dryers are designed to dry your clothes in less time... just 42 minutes! Giving you time for more important things in life.

7. Small Load Care

When drying smaller loads by the conventional dryer, clothes are often winded around the lifter. it may degrade the drying effect. Small Load Care can prevent clothes from being winded through controlling rotation of the drum, so as to achieve the best drying results.

 8. Easy Reversible Door

The direction of our reversible door can be changed easily.

9.  4-way Vent (electric model only)

You can install the exhaust vent in the following four (4) positions:  back, either side or bottom.

10.Smart Care

This function diagnoses problems by itself.
You don’t need to call a service engineer or try to find the user manual whenever the product has a problem, as Smart appliances let you know how to deal with the problem through your smart phone

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