Samsung ATIV One 7 DP700A3D-K01US

    Intel Core i5 3470T 2.9 GHz
    6 GB DDR3
    1000 GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive
    23.6 Inch LED Full HD (1920 x 1080) Intel® HD Graphics
    Windows 8
Price : $958.00

The Glossary lists the terminologies used in this User Guide. For terminologies other than these, look in Windows Help.
A way to save the current data to restore it later if necessary.
A backup is a way to restore computer data when the data or computer is damaged. 
Chargeable USB
This program enables supplying power to a specific USB port when the system is in power saving mode, hibernation mode or off.
This refers to a computer that uses a shared network resource provided by a server.
(Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory)
DRAM is a memory type whose cells consist of a capacitor and transistor manufactured at a low price. SDRAM is a memory type whose performance has been improved by synchronizing the clock with the external CPU clock. DDR SDRAM is a memory type whose performance has been improved by doubling the operating speed of the SDRAM and is widely used nowadays. This computer uses DDR SDRAM. 
Device Manager
An administrative tool used to manage computer devices. You can add or remove hardware or update a device driver using the Device Manager.
DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)
This refers to automatically allocating IP addresses to the users on the network by the network administrators. 
Direct X
An application interface developed to enable Windows application programs to access hardware devices at a very high speed. Since
the operating speed of graphics, memory and sound cards must be very fast to provide high quality video and sound for games, Direct X enables faster control and interaction between applications and hardware devices. By using Direct X, the multimedia performance
of Windows has been hugely improved. 
Software that interacts between the hardware and the operating system. An operating system knows the hardware information
and controls the hardware. In general, a driver is supplied with the corresponding hardware device. 
D-sub (D-subminiature)
This is the cable connecting a general CRT monitor and the computer. Analog video is output through this cable.

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