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The Samsung Universal Print Driver(UPD) is a single driver that can be used for different printer models. If you install only one Universal Print Driver, you can access any Samsung printer which is supported by UPD. UPD gives the user instant access to not only Samsung printer devices, but also other vendor’s PDL devices(*) without installing separate drivers.

UPD first released in 2009. It has been upgraded to give the users more useful features and compatible with users’ IT environments. Samsung Universal Print Driver 2 (UPD2) has released in 2013.
 Driver Types
There are 4 types of Samsung Universal Print Driver 2, which are up to PDL type.

Driver Type

Samsung Universal Print Driver 2
Supporting SPL or PCL6 supported models
* Recommend for all users (from home users to IT administrators)

Samsung Universal Print Driver 2 PS
Supporting PS supported models
* Recommend for users who want to get PostScript output

Samsung Universal Print Driver 2 PCL6
Supporting PCL6 supported models
* Recommend for users who want to get PCL6 output

Samsung Universal Print Driver 2 XPS
Supporting SPL, PCL6 or XPS supported models
* Recommend for users who want to get the output from XPS print path
* XPS printer driver can be installed only on Windows Vista OS or higher
- All types are Microsoft certified.

What’s New

-   Faster And Simpler Device Discovery
o UPD2 gives the user faster printer discovery and supports flexible configuration of the devices. It reflects the configuration on the UI dynamically and instantly.
o In the case of non-SNMP communication environment where automatic discovery is invalid, UPD2 now supports manual printer selection so that a wider range of user can use UPD2 without any environmental restriction.

-        Lighter And More Reliable Driver Operation by On-the-fly UI
o UPD2 has improved and simplified UI design. When the user selects their own preferred printer, UI layout and device configuration (options) of the printer are shown on-the-fly.

o    Giving lighter and more reliable drivers UI operation to the users, UPD2 no longer pop-ups the window when opening driver’s UI by separating UPD applications.

 -        Support Model’s Full Features
o Users can use the same full features as model-specific print drivers with UPD2.
Manual Duplex and Special Pages (including Cover Page, Insert Pages and
Exception Pages) are now newly supported.


Client Operating Systems

OS Name
Microsoft Windows XP
32 bits
64 bits
Home Edition

Microsoft Windows Vista

32 bits
64 bits
Home Basic Home Premium Ultimate

Microsoft Windows 7

32 bits
64 bits
Home Premium
Professional Enterprise Ultimate
Microsoft Windows 8
32 bits
64 bits

 Server Operating Systems

OS Name

Microsoft Windows 2003

32 bits
64 bits
Datacenter Enterprise Standard Edition

Microsoft Windows 2008

32 bits
64 bits
Standard Edition

Microsoft Windows 2008 R2

64 bits
Standard Edition

Microsoft Windows 2012

64 bits
Essentials Standard Datacenter

 Microsoft Windows Terminal Servers

        l  Windows Server 2003 SP2, 2008, 2008 R2 and Server 2012

 Microsoft Windows Cluster Servers

        l    Windows Server 2003 SP2, 2008, 2008 R2 and Server 2012


        l   Citrix XenApp 6.5
          o Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2       
        l       Citrix XenApp 6.0
o  Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
l      Citrix XenApp 5.0
o  Microsoft Windows Server 2008
o  Microsoft Windows Server 2003


Check Your Environment
1.  Check the system requirements.
a.   Refer to Supported Environments section for details.
2.  Check your printers supported PDL and decide which driver package you will use.
a.   Refer to Supported Printers sections for details.

Download the Driver You Prefer
1.  Visit Samsung Printer Driver Download Page
2.  Download the preferred type of UPD2 as you checked previously.

UPD2 gives the user two choises of installation methods.

At first, when you click download UPD2 executable file, you will see following dialog.

Using Samsung Installer (Recommended)
Select Install button shown in above dialog window to install by using Installer software. Follow the instructions shown in the dialog window after clicking [OK] button.

* If you install UPD2 with Samsung Installer, you can use Select Printer application, which can discover printer through local and network and connect selected device to UPD2 easily.

Using Add a Printer Wizard Method From Devices and Printers
1.  Select “Extract button to extract install files. Open Devices and Printers(*) Folder.
2.  Click [Add a printer] button on the folder to install the driver using extracted files.
3.  Follow the instructions that Add a Printer Wizard guides you.
(*)Folder name may differ from each OS.


 How To Uninstall UPD2 With Samsung Uninstaller
If you installed UPD2 using Installer, you can uninstall UPD2 by Samsung Printer Software

1.   Select Uninstall Samsung Printer Software from Start > All Programs > Samsung
2.   Launch the Uninstall Samsung Printer Software window.
Read the instructions, then click [Next] button to continue and follow the instructions displayed in the window.
How To Uninstall UPD2 From Devices and Printers Folder
If you installed UPD2 using Add Printer Wizard, you can uninstall UPD2 as following steps.

1.   Select Start > Control Panel > Devices and Printers
2.   Right click your UPD2 printer icon > context menus > Remove device.
        3.   Select Print server properties > Drivers tab.
4.   Select UPD2 driver item and select [Remove…] button.
5.   Select Remove driver and driver package option and click [OK].
If removing driver package fails, please restart your PC and try it again.

 USING Samsung Universal Print Driver 2 
When user wants to search and set their own printer in their local or network environment, UPD2 gives the user various methods.

How To Select Your Printer Automatically
Under SNMP connection supported environment, the following procedure leads the user to search and set your local or network printer automatically.

1.   Launch a software(Select Printer) by selecting Select Printer application.
Start > Samsung Printers > Samsung Universal Print Driver 2 (PDL Name)

2.   Click [Add] button to start searching printers in your network automatically.
a.   If you previously specified the printer during installation, printer is listed, otherwise no printer is listed
              3.   While searching the printers, Add Device window will be displayed.
After searching, select the printer you want to add to the list (multiple selection is available), then click [Add] butto
           4.   After Select Printer dialog window (shown in 2 above) is displayed and select    the model      you                 want to add, then click [OK] button.

5.   If the selected printer is supported device, operation successful message dialog will be shown
and the UPD2s configuration will be applied to the UI. Check your UPD2s printer properties.

  How To Select Your Printer Manually
If user’s network environment can’t use SNMP communication because of internal network policy or some reasons, user can select the printer manually using the following methods.

Before you select manually…
Set a port” using the following steps. It is a required procedure before selecting printer manually.

1.    Select Start > Control Panel > Devices and Printers.
2.    Right click your UPD2 printer icon > context menus > Printer Properties.
3.    Open Ports tab and click [Add Port] butto
              4.       Select Port types that you want to add.
5.    Click [New Port] button and then follow the instructions.

 Use of [Printer Model] features in Device Options of Printer Properties

       (1) Select Manually By Using [Select printer when changing port]
·        When this feature is checked, UPD2 will automatically access the port that previously set (or changed) and detect the printer. If UPD2 supports the detected printer, [Printer Model] will automatically changed to the connected printer and dynamically UI will be displayed as expected.
·        In the case the connected port is invalid, warning message will be displayed, in this case, try
[Printer Model] selection described in the followings.
·        With this feature unchecked in UI, UPD2 will not detect the connected printer automatically even if port is set (or changed).

(2) Select Manually By Selection of [Printer Model]
·        User can select the printer from the list of [Printer Model](drop down list box).
·        After selecting the model user preferred, settings are automatically applied to the driver.

(3) [Check Now] button
·        When the users press this button, UPD2 immediately checks the printer which is currently connected to the port and automatically apply the setting to the driver.

       (4) Using [Add Printer]
·        After you set the printers by manually (or even automatically), to make easier access to the printer that is already selected in [Printer Model] list, users can create a static printer which is currently selected printer in [Printer Model] to your [Devices and Printers] folder by clicking this [Add Printer] button.
·        The driver will be created in the following format:
<Printer Name> (Port Name)
Printer Model : Samsung CLX-9252 9352 Series
Click [Add Printer] button, then following new printer will be created.
Samsung CLX-9252 9352 Series (”

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    Your machine is equipped with a USB interface and/or a network interface.

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